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Lexicon of Early Indo-European Loanwords Preserved in Finnish

Av.                     = Avestan

Blt./Slv.             = Proto-Balto-Slavic       (the common source for West-Baltic, East-Baltic and Proto-Slavic,                                                                                         essentially equal to Proto-Baltic, except for distribution of words)

Eng.                    = English

Fi.                      = (Modern) Finnish

Germ.                 = (Modern) German

Gmc.                  = Proto-Germanic           (common source for Gothic, Proto-Norse (’=urnordiska’) and the                                                                                                                                   West-Germanic languages)

Got.                    = Gothic

Gr.                      = Greek

Hitt.                    = Hittite

Hung.                 = Hungarian

Icel.                    = Icelandic

Lat.                     = Latin

Latv.                   = Latvian

Lith.                   = Lithuanian

MHG                  = Middle High German

Mordv.               = Mordvinic E/M                        (in fact two different languages E- and M- Mordvinic)

OCS                   = Old Church Slavonic   (essentially a sort of ‘Old Bulgarian’)

OE                     = Old English

OHG                  = Old High German

OInd.                  = Old Indic (~Sanskrit)

OLat.                  = Old Latin

OLith.                 = Old Lithuanian

ON                     = Old Norse

OPers.                = Old Persian

ORus.                 = Old Russian

PF-P                   = Proto-Finno-Permic     (the common source for Finnic, Sami, Mordvin, Permic languages & Cheremis)

PFU                    = Proto-Finno-Ugric       (the common source for Proto-Finno-Permic as well as all Ugric languages;                                                                            constitutes a sister language to Proto-Samoyed)

PI-A                   = Proto-Indo-Aryan        (the common source for all Indic languages, differs little from early Sanskrit;                                                                         constitutes a sister language to Proto-Iranian)

PIE                     = Proto-Indo-European

PI-Ir                   = Proto-Indo-Iranian       (the common source for Proto-Indo-Aryan and Proto-Iranian)

PIr                      = Proto-Iranian                (the common source for Avestan and Old Persian,                                                                                                                    constitutes a sister language to Proto-Indo-Aryan)

PreF                    = Pre-Finnic                    (‘Early Proto-Finnic’ ~ ‘Proto-Finno-Volgaic’ ~ Proto-Finno-Permic;                                                                                     the three are phonologically equal but differ in distribution of words)

PreG.                  = Pre-Germanic               (Germanic reconstructed to an earlier phononological representation)

PU                      = Proto-Uralic                 (the common source for Proto-Finno-Ugric and Proto Samoyed)

Rus.                    = Russian

Slv.                     = Proto-Slavic

Sw.                     = (Modern) Swedish

Tokh.                  = Tokharian A/B            (in fact two different languages A- and B– Tokharian)


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